Your MacBook’s charger is not working? And you are horribly disturbed. Don’t worry and troubleshoot the charging issues of MacBook instantly without any botheration, as you can manage the charging issues of MacBook by keeping into considerations a few basic factors.

MacBook claims to be the best and quality graded product. But any machinery or technical gadget can tend to show problems with time due to tear and wear and usage. But you shouldn’t bother much with the MacBook Pro charging issues.  As fixing the MacBook Pro charging issues is quite simple and easy.

Charging issues is basically predetermined on the basis of battery issues or the adapter or port. Thus you must go with three checks primarily before coming to  any conclusion.

Furthermore, here’s the quick DIY tip to fix the MacBook Pro charging issues.

Check the Plugins: The first pro tip is to check in the plugins and charging cables. And the basic thing to do here is change the socket and check if it’s charging. These simple steps can be the most genuine ones but it can be of great relief and huge relaxation at the time of trouble.

Verify Power Port: Clean the power port of your Apple laptop from the dust and then try to re plugin the charger as the dust or particles can disrupt the charging. Just see if the charging port has some damages, dents or burns. If you sense some issues in the charging port then you must go to the nearby MacBook repair center to get the charging issues rectified.

Check the Battery Status: You can do it by going to the service battery menu bar, where the service battery notification says that you must replace the battery as its dead and will longer serve your purpose of charging.

Further, you can check the status of your battery by having the glimpse at the four states:

Where normal state means the battery is functional

Replace soon which states that the battery has the lesser capacity of charging at its optimum and it must get replaced immediately.

Replace now means that the battery must get changed immediately.

Service Battery, this is an alarming message conveyed by the MacBook which basically conveys that the battery must be replaced to prevent the further damage.

Resetting of System Management Control: Resetting of SMC is of help in correcting the problem of battery and power related problems, thus have detailed overview on the subject by talking to the expert.

Restart MacBook: Clear off the bug or error in your MacBook’s operation by rebooting the MacBook. By simply click restart and reboot can resolve the problem completely. And this way one can resolve the error of frozen hardware.

Cooling Down: If you sense that the MacBook has turned super-hot and the temperature has risen than the expected limit, then you must let it cool down for a while as the extreme heat can disrupt the charging. Additionally, it’s recommended to charge your MacBook, once it’s completely cooled.

Check for an update in MacBook: As the certain issues in the operating software leads to error in charging. Therefore, look for the updating of current OS. And then try to charge the MacBook.

The Probable Concerns regarding the MacBook’s Charging

Why the battery drains quickly?

There are several apps and video editing software that consumes more power than the usual ones. Thus in such cases after frequent usage of the app, the battery drains out quickly.

Here’s a quick way to keep the battery life of MacBook extended.

_Don’t keep the charger of MacBook plugged in as it reduces the life of battery.

_Prefer to select the energy saver mode in system preferences

_Choose to dim the display while charging the battery power.


Even after several checks, if the problem is not resolved then you must consult the MacBook Repair Center. As a trained and knowledgeable individual personnel in the spectrum of MacBook pro charging does the best to make your device functional. It’s always best to have the expert advice at the time of crisis.

MacBook covering the warranty period while facing the charging issues, saves one from the additional charges and cost associated with it. Thereby, have a seamlessly easy and perfect time working on your MacBook once the charging issues gets rectified. And it’s always best to seek the expertise advice in order to resolve the problem completely.