macbook updates

Upgrading any software or application will surely improve its functionality. If there are bugs in the last update then those are surely removed in the latest version. This is also one of the reasons that people prefer to keep their software’s up to date. Also, New features are added to the new version!

Using a Mac Book as your daily driver? Then this post is for you. Basically, in this post, we are going to share the easiest guide on How one can check and install updates on MacBook. Without wasting much of your time, Let’s dive to the main part of the post!

#1. Update all your iOS apps 

By updating to the latest version, You will save your device memory and also you can experience the new features. To update your Apps, Simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

Move to your device settings

Open the App store

You will see a “UPDATE ALL” box on the corner of the App Store

Hit Update all

That’s all! Your downloading will start soon

Open the app and enjoy all the new interface & features 🙂

#2. Upgrading to a Latest iOS X Version

Always upgrade your OS whether you are using iOS/Windows as all the new and premium features are added in the latest version. Most of the time in the incoming updates, Interface is fully changed which provide the users with a new look. Hence, We recommend you to keep your Device system updated on the latest version.

In the case of MacBook, Follow the below easiest guide:

First of all, Open the App Store

Now open the “Featured Tab” on the top of the screen

On the next page, You will see the “UPGRADE” Button

Hit the Upgrade button and your downloading will start within a sec

Enjoy 🙂

Tip: Use High-Speed Internet Connection while updating Apps and Sofware


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