take screenshot on macbook

Sharing a screenshot is something we often do to present any evidence or proof to the next person. Even if it’s not something dire, we like sharing few exciting things with our connections and screenshots can be a great way to dispense the matter to the person concerned. Often the owner of the people has a question in mind regarding how to take a screenshot from their MacBook.


Simple Steps to Take Screenshot from Mac

For the entire screen

  • Remember that your screen should display the content or the picture that you want to appear on it.
  • Now its time to Click Command + Shift + 3 and you will hear a sound as a camera makes while capturing a picture
  • And, here is a screenshot that will show on your desktop. It will be labeled as “screenshot” with time and date. Though earlier OS X versions work a bit differently and save it as “Picture 1” or “Picture 2” and keeps on adding up to the number of screenshots taken.


For a particular portion of the screen

  • Click Command+Shift+4 and you will find your cursor turning into a tiny cross-hair reticle
  • Now move the cursor to an area you want to capture in a screenshot. You will then notice a gray rectangle where you drag the cursor. If you feel that the adjustment is needed to be made on windows, press Escape for returning to the regular cursor without taking the screenshot
  • After adjusting, make a mouse click, and you should hear a sound like that of a camera click if your computer’s sound is on
  • This screenshot will be saved as a .png file. It’s as easy! Now get ready to share it with your people


For an Open window

  • Hit the spacebar after Pressing Command+Shift+4. The reticle will now turn into a small camera. Hitting the spacebar will let you re-switch to the reticle
  • Now you should keep on moving the cursor over the windows you aim at capturing as a screenshot. These windows will be highlighted in blue by the camera. You can quickly shift through different windows in this mode by making use of a keyboard instruction “Command+Tab.”
  • Now when you press on the window, the desired screenshot will be taken


It’s time for saving a screenshot on the clipboard

  • Press Command+Control+Shift+3. It will save the image to the clipboard. For taking a portion screenshot, click Command+Control +Shift +4 and drag the reticle over the area you want to capture the screenshot from
  • Now you can make use of Edit or Command + V for pasting the image into any of the compatible applications like image editing software or Word document or email services.


Grab Utility tool

    • Click on Applications – Utilities – Grab for opening a Grab application. Though you can see the menus in the upper screen on the left side, you will not see any window popping up here


  • For taking the screenshot, click on the Selection tool. You will notice a window popping up on the screen with an instruction to drag the mouse over the area of the screen for which you want a screenshot. For capturing a screenshot of a specific window, choose Window and then click on the one you would like to take pictures of.


  • Choose Save as soon as the new window opens. For assaying it with a unique name, you can choose the option Save as. Else, move it to a location that appears more appropriate to you. It gets saved on .tiff file, but it does not get saved automatically.


Following these few simple steps to take a screenshot from Mac will help you do it easily.


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