Getting a CD or DVD stuck in a MacBook is a common error many of us face. At such an instance, the only concern of a Mac owner is to sort out the issue. While some may look for the solution over the net, others may speak to the experts for finding a viable solution.

Hence, the primary aim of the article is to educate people regarding how to remove stuck DVD’s & CD’s from Your MacBook Pro?

After all, if a CD/DVD gets stuck, it is likely to harm your MacBook.


So let’s discuss the solution for the same for maintaining the health of your prized notebook.


Ways to remove a stuck DVD or CD from MacBook: Steps to follow


  1. Thin cardboard or a piece of paper is needed – Yeah! A big sized piece of paper or cardboard is required so that it can be inserted into to drive quite far so that it can hold it well. Even a DVD cover can serve the purpose. Naturally, you must remove its plastic covering
  2. Insert a paper of about 2 inches into the disc drive over the CD top. Remember to hold it tight from the outside
  3. Now it’s time to press the eject button. Let the paper still be inside
  4. It might happen that the trick may not work in the very first instance, but it helps to hold the notepad so that the drive’s opening faces towards down
  5. The key is to be patient. Please try it gently so that you do not tear into the drive. Keep on trying this method for a few times in a day, and it may work eventually.


This method may or may not work, and if the problem seems to be grave, it is better to consult a MacBook repair professional to help you get out of the situation.

They are the best people to guide you on the methods to remove a stuck CD and DVD from Mac’s drive. Protection Status