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MakCity® is an independent MacBook Repair Centre located in Nehru Place. Our team consists of fully trained professionals who can handle any issues with your Mac. You can hire our team for Apple Laptop Repair Services.

We specialize in MacBook repairs and follow Apple's standards to restore your device's performance. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and expertise in MacBook repairs, ensuring you regain the intended user experience. Trust us as your MacBook Repair Experts.

Top Notch MacBook Repair Services Available in Nehru Place

Visit MakCity for reliable Mac repair services in Nehru Place. Our team of skilled technicians is trained to provide exceptional repair solutions for all Apple devices, including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Choose MakCity as your trusted partner in Nehru Place. Experience the quality of our excellent services provided by our dedicated team, who are committed to optimizing your Mac's performance. Contact us today for all your Mac repair requirements, and let us efficiently restore your device to its optimal state.

Discover MakCity, a trusted MacBook care brand in Nehru Place

Choose MakCity for trusted MacBook repairs in Nehru Place. We have the experience and expertise to provide top-notch care for your MacBook. Our skilled team can handle logic board issues and screen replacements with ease. Trust MakCity for professional care at our Apple Service Centre in Nehru Place.

MacBook Repair in Nehru Place

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Most Trusted MacBook Repair Shop in Nehru Place

At MakCity, our main goal is to provide a positive repair experience for our customers. We focus on establishing strong relationships and ensuring MacBook owners feel confident that their device is in capable hands. You can trust us with any issues your MacBook may have, as we are a reliable service center for Apple laptops in Nehru Place.

We have a team of experts at our service center who specialize in Apple MacBook repair. They are well-versed in both hardware and software issues. We take pride in being the best in the market for Apple laptop repairs. Our focus is solely on MacBook repairs, so we can provide top-notch service. Our solutions are affordable and cost-effective, and we are transparent in our process. You can trust MakCity as your go-to Apple laptop service center in Nehru Place. We address common MacBook laptop problems and provide comprehensive solutions.

Why Consider MakCity to Fix Your Apple Laptop

We have built a strong and lasting relationship with our customers, earning their trust in the market. We always strive to listen attentively and effectively solve any customer issue, resulting in consistent success. Here are the reasons why you may want to consider MakCity.

  • We use only genuine apple parts
  • MacBook’s Repairs Platform for hardware and software issues
  • Free Diagnosis on Repair
  • Same day repair services
  • Highly qualified and experienced engineers
  • We work on no fix no fee basis
  • Products and parts that are used while repairing are of high quality and original
  • Customised repair / replacement / upgrade Solution
  • 30 to 90 days Post Repair Warranty
  • Sign of customer in all parts of their MacBook device
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery Service for prime customers

The customer-centric approach is one of the reasons why MakCity® is the best and most loved in Nehru Place.

How much does it cost to repair a MacBook in Nehru Place?

The precise cost of repair is contingent upon the extent of damage, specific issues identified with the MacBook, and the MacBook's particular model.

MacBook Repair Services Price List in Nehru Place

MacBook Services Starting Price
✅ MacBook Diagnosis FREE
✅ Pickup and Delivery ₹300/-
✅ Screen Replacement ₹6500, 1 Month Warranty
✅ Logic Board Repair ₹1500, Up-to 3 Months Warranty
✅ Battery Replacement ₹3500, 6 Months Warranty
✅ Flexgate Repair ₹6000, 3 Months Warranty
✅ Keyboard Change ₹2000, 3 Months Warranty
✅ Charging Port Replacement ₹1500, 3 Months Warranty
✅ Liquid Damage Repair ₹1999, Up-to 3 Months Warranty
✅ Trackpad Replacement ₹2500, 6 Months Warranty
✅ SSD Upgrade ₹3999, Up-to 2 Years Warranty
✅ Data Recovery 1500/- onwards
✅ Touchbar Replacement 8500/- onwards

MakCity Advantage


25 years of Apple service expertise.

Over 25 years, we've repaired 100,000+ Apple devices, tackling complex issues with confidence. Your Mac is in trusted hands.


ISO Certified Center

We're ISO-certified with state-of-the-art Machines, ESD workstations, toolkits, and schematics for precise troubleshooting.

quality parts

Highest Quality Parts

We prioritize quality, using only the finest replacement parts for Apple products.Our top-notch replacement parts are backed by our generous warranties

100% satisfaction

100% Refund Guarantee

Payment is only required upon successful completion of your Apple device service, and you're covered by our 100% money-back guarantee during the warranty period.

highest customer satisfaction

Highest Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to delivering a seamless and exceptional experience to every customer, ensuring 100% satisfaction with our products and services. Your happiness is our success.

fastest turnaround

Fastest Turnaround Time

Time is valuable, and at MakCity, we prioritize efficiency to save you money. As an exclusive Apple service center, we typically have most parts readily available in stock.

Restoration of MacBooks in Nehru Place

MakCity is the ultimate one-stop solution for MacBook repair needs. We are known as the best Apple service center in Nehru Place. Our services have earned us an excellent reputation in the market. Our main focus is to provide world-class repair services that are affordable. We are transparent and genuine when it comes to pricing. You can trust us for exceptional MacBook repairs without hidden costs or surprises.

Warning Alerts :

If your Mac start working strangely or got dead or facing any other software or hardware problem, Here we are for giving you the best solution for your faulty laptop.

Here are some similar problems that most people face :

  • No Battery backup or less backup time
  • Charging Troubles (No Charging or intermittent charging)
  • Blackening of screen
  • Frequent shutting down of MacBook
  • Excessive Heating of MacBook
  • Fan started making noise
  • Inclusion of Virus in MacBook
  • Malfunctioning of MacBook’s Keyboard
  • Occurrence of Physical Damage in MacBook
  • Extremely slow processing
  • Flexgate issue
  • Burnt charging port
  • Intermittent display

What makes MakCity the top choice for Apple MacBook repair in Nehru Place?

MakCity® is a reputable Apple MacBook Repair Service provider in Nehru Place. We respect your time and urgency and thereby we provide outstanding MacBook repair service. With technicians having keen knowledge and expertise about MacBook, we let you stay rest assured of the repair.

Favourable Costing:

When repairing your laptop, you can be confident in the cost. Some websites may charge high amounts, but with us, you will be charged appropriately and reasonably. To make the payment process convenient, we accept all types of payment methods including debit and credit cards.

Customer Satisfaction:

You can receive high-quality Apple MacBook repair services from technicians with expertise and experience. Our prime goal is to provide technological upgrades and customer satisfaction through our dedicated focus on perfection and excellence in our service.

Diverse Functionality:

Our hardware repair services range from fixing liquid damage, keyboard repairs, battery replacement, and physical damage for MacBooks. We are authentic, reliable, and responsive, offering affordable solutions for MacBook damage.

Dedicated Service:

We provide comprehensive Apple MacBook repair services with specialized technicians, while also notifying the possibility of data loss and offering backup solutions.

Assurance & Guarantee:

Your MacBook is in secure hands with us as we provide genuine guaranteed replacement parts. We offer complete replacement and repair services, whether it's a component replacement or a simple correction in the usage or default setting. Our trained technicians diagnose and repair your MacBook free of cost, ensuring quick turnarounds. We prioritize customer interests and provide transparent and convincing service.

MakCity offers MacBook revival services at Nehru Place.

Located in the heart of Nehru Place, our service center is easily accessible and equipped with the latest tools and technologies to diagnose and repair your MacBook. From software troubleshooting to hardware upgrades and replacements, we have you covered.

Our process is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is bring your MacBook to our service center and let our experts take it from there. We’ll diagnose the problem, give you an estimate of the cost and time required for the repair, and get your approval before proceeding. Once the repair is completed, we’ll test your MacBook thoroughly to ensure that it’s functioning properly before returning it to you.

At MakCity, we pride ourselves on providing fast and reliable service at an affordable price. We understand that your MacBook is an essential part of your life, which is why we strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Testimonials on MacBook Repair-Service in Nehru Place

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I went here to get my battery replaced for my 2015 MacBook Pro. The process was super smooth and it's been 2 months now, I'm facing no issues at all. Very professional service and the cost was appropriate.
They had told us it would take about 1.5 hours and actually fixed it in even lesser time and called as promised. They specialize only in MacBooks so if you have any issue, don't hesitate at all when choosing their service.

Taranpreet Kalra

Nov 18 2022

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Great experience and highly recommend. Got my MacBook air screen replaced at just 14k OEM screen with three months warranty. Was worried about visiting any third party service center and there is a lot in Nehru Place. After so many visits and price quote got my mac repaired from Mac City

Afzal Aatif

31 May, 2023

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Hands down the best Mac service centre in Nehru Place. They know how to make permanent customers. I visited with my MacBook Air 2017 which didn't start, they diagnosed the issue very efficiently and it turned out to be a logic board issue which was replaced quickly. Very satisfied with the service provided. Highly recommended 10/10.

Sadashiv Raj Bharadwaj

Jan 28, 2023

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MakCity is the best platform in nehru place..
It's been more than 1 year since I got my Macbook Pro repaired from this place and it is working as new. People at this place are very nice, knowledgable and friendly. They are doing their job very honestly. I was truly inspired by their way of professionalism. The rates are very fare. Time taken is very less. Quality of the work is outstanding. My computer which was dead for about 01 Year and service centres were asking a hefty sum just to check it. These guys diagnosed, repaired and handed me over the machine in about 01 Days. They get your signature on every part of the machine (inside and outside) and check every aspect of the functioning of the machine. All the staff, specially ma'am, are very helpful and friendly. Never expected such an amazing experience at a repair shop. Keep up guys!!

Shubham Verma

A year ago

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Just an amazing service centre with good staff and their behaviour is really appreciative. I got my MacBook air 1466 screen replacement 1 month back. They just did it in less than 3 hours and took a very reasonable charge. Very professional experts are here, must recommend for any type of MacBook related issues. 🤗

Karina Rajput

A year ago

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Best service centre in nehru place. Repaired my MacBook air of 7 years old in 2 hrs.
My laptop is working perfectly now.
Thank you MakCity. ❤️

Tanu Awana

24 March, 2023

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Our Premium MacBook Repair Services in Nehru Place

Our expert technicians provide top-notch solutions to ensure your MacBook is restored to its prime performance. Experience the best in class service for your valuable device.

  • MacBook Logic Board Repair : Explore our professional MacBook Motherboard Repair services. Our highly skilled technicians possess the expertise needed to diagnose and resolve logic board problems with precision and efficiency, ensuring your MacBook functions optimally. Rely on our trusted solutions for your repair needs.
  • MacBook Screen Repair : Revive your MacBook's display with our expert screen repair services. Our skilled technicians at Nehru Place offer fast and reliable solutions to get your MacBook back in perfect shape.
  • MacBook Battery Replacement : Is your MacBook battery not holding a charge? Visit us for efficient battery exchange services, ensuring your MacBook stays powered throughout the day.
  • MacBook Keyboard Repair : Experience hassle-free typing again. Our Nehru Place team specializes in MacBook keyboard repairs, addressing all your typing issues with precision.
  • MacBook Data Recovery Services : Lost important data? We offer comprehensive data recovery solutions for your MacBook, helping you retrieve valuable files and memories.
  • MacBook Diagnosis and Troubleshooting : Facing issues with your MacBook but not sure what's wrong? Let our experts diagnose and troubleshoot the problem for you at Nehru Place.
  • MacBook Liquid Damage Repair : Spilled liquid on your MacBook? Don't panic. Visit us for expert liquid damage restoration services and salvage your device.
  • MacBook Maintenance and Cleaning Services : Keep your MacBook in top condition with our maintenance and cleaning services at Nehru Place. Enhance its longevity and performance.

Other MacBook Repair Services Offered in Nehru Place

MacBook Repair Training in Nehru Place

MakCity offers specialized MacBook repair training, equipping enthusiasts with the skills needed to diagnose and fix a variety of hardware and software issues. Our hands-on approach, coupled with expert guidance, ensures that participants gain practical insights into the intricacies of MacBook repair. Whether you're a beginner looking to enter the field or a tech enthusiast seeking to enhance your skills, our training in Nehru Place provides a solid foundation for a rewarding career in MacBook repair. Join us and unlock the potential to become a certified MacBook repair expert.

FAQ's on MacBook Repair Questions in Nehru Place

Which is the best MacBook Repair company in Nehru Place?
MakCity stands as the premier MacBook Repair Company in Delhi NCR. With extensive experience in Logic board repair and screen replacements, we consistently deliver MacBook services of unparalleled quality and exceptional results. Our team is committed to continuous improvement, employing the latest technological skills and strategic marketing insights to drive our success.

Why should I choose MakCity over other service provider in Nehru Place?
Trusted by over 45k+ MacBook owners, MakCity is India’s most loved MacBook Repair Service Provider in Nehru Place. We are known for quick, affordable, reliable and same day MacBook Repair Services.

How can I book my MacBook service with MakCity in Nehru Place?
To book your MacBook service, simply get in touch with us via Call or WhatsApp on +91 7838096219 or fill out our contact form and share your location. You have just booked your service with MakCity®.

What kind of repair services does MakCity offer in Nehru Place?
You can use various Mac repair services of MakCity. Need screen replacement? We offer cheapest price for screen and glass replacement. Want an SSD upgrade? We have the service for you. Need a logic board or power supply repair? Visit our centre to get same day service.
Does MakCity® in Nehru Place offer any warranty on MacBook repairs?
MakCity® provides a service warranty of 3 months. The warranty period for parts may vary between 0-6 months.

How much time does MakCity® need to repair a MacBook in Nehru Place?
MakCity® is known as the most trusted and fast MacBook Repair service provider in Delhi. We solve 95% of cases within a couple of hours. In some complicated cases, we may require more time.

Can MakCity® help with software-related issues on my MacBook?
Yes, MakCity® offers assistance with various software-related issues on your MacBook. Our skilled technicians can help resolve operating system problems, software installations, and troubleshooting software-related errors.

How can I contact MakCity® for additional support or queries in Nehru Place?
For additional support or any other queries, you can reach out to MakCity® by calling +91 7838096219 or by sending a message on WhatsApp. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.