The MacBook Pro is also known as MBP is a portable computer introduced by Apple. MBP currently comes in two sizes: 13 inches and 15 inches. Both have a backlit keyboard of 78 keys. As compared to other Apple Laptops, Mac Book Pro has a retina display option that boosts the resolution to 2880 by 1880 pixels.
With the latest technology, the MacBook Pro Retina display has an advanced performance and battery life as compared to previous generation’s laptops. Now, it very important to clean the Retina as per Apple guidelines as cleaning it otherwise may damage it.

Guidelines to Clean MacBook Pro Retina are:

  • Before cleaning, unplug the device of any external power sources, cables, and devices.
  • Clean only in a dry and a cool place. Do not let moisture enter any openings.
  • Keep the device away from any sort of liquids.
  • Use a very soft cloth to clean the retina. Avoid using paper towels, rough clothes, towels and similar clothes that could damage the retina.
  • Spraying onto the item directly may damage the device
  • Do not use any solvents, aerosol sprays etc

There are a couple of steps that you could follow to the clean MacBook pro retina which are:

  1. Power off the MacBook Pro Laptop
  2. Make use of a very soft cloth and lightly dampen it with water to clean the retina screen. You could even make use of easy wipes, which are easily available in the market or online. They are completely safe to use.
  3. Make sure that the cloth does not have any excess water.
  4. Wipe off any dirt, smudges of hand stain from the screen with very light hands.
  5. Do not try to press hard on the screen while cleaning it as it has many layers. Bending the screen is not a very good idea as it may damage the screen.
  6. Before you power on your MacBook Pro Laptop make sure that your screen is dry.
  7. If the coating on your screen is wearing off do not try to clean it as in turn you may be removing the anti-glare coating of the screen altogether.
  8. Also, note that some people have more of acidic content in their skin oils, which may cause some issues with the screen.


  • Just in case you use a spray to clean the retina screen, do not directly in the screen. Always spray on the cloth or the wipe – not on the screen.
  • Since your laptop cost you almost two thousand dollars, which is a huge sum of money, do not be nasty while cleaning and handling it. You do not want it to be scrapped soon. So, whenever you are using the laptop keep your food articles away, your drinks away, and try to use only clean hands.
  • Do not use greased hands to touch the screen or maybe altogether the laptop.
  • Wash your hands, it hardly takes a minute and costs you nothing. However, your laptop costs you a little fortune. All this should be done out of a little respect towards your laptop which comes in need all the time for you.

There are complaints that sometimes the stain on the retina screen does not come off even after cleaning with a microfiber cloth. If this is the case, then it is most probable that the anti-glare coating which is coming off which is not repairable. This can only be replaced and bad news is that it is not covered under warranty scheme. The replacement of the retina screen of MacBook Pro may cost you somewhere around one-third of the total price of the laptop. Therefore, the damage is permanent and may cost you another fortune.
If just in case while cleaning the MacBook pro retina screen some liquid goes inside the laptop get immediate help from the nearest authorized Apple authorized service center. Do not try to use any dryer to dry the device as it may cause harm. Leave it to the professionals or our MacbookProRepair Service Centre to take care of your laptops. Most importantly, do not switch on your laptop. Since liquid damage to the laptop is not covered under the warranty scheme you may want to be very careful while using it. Protection Status