MacBook Speaker Replacement in Nehru Place

macbook speaker replacement service in nehru place
macbook speaker replacement service
macbook speaker replacement service
macbook speaker replacement service
macbook speaker replacement service

Speaker Replacement Service in Nehru Place

Price ₹ 2000.00 – ₹ 5500.00 + 18% GST
Brand Compatible
Model Name / Number All Models of MacBook Pro & MacBook Air
Fitting Charges Included
Colour Black
Product Type Laptop Internal Speakers
Item Location Nehru Place
Warranty 30 Days


We Are a One-Stop Shop for Speaker Replacement in Nehru Place

We offer the best and most affordable MacBook Speaker Replacement in Nehru Place. We try to use only certified Apple spare parts and make sure your MacBook is returned to you as good as new. You can rest assured that your MacBook is in safe hands when you leave it in with us, and you can look forward to enjoying a fully functional MacBook when you get it back.

Visit our store for repair, or mail your Macbook to us if you’re outside Delhi.

Speakers are damaged because of age, moisture and liquid spills. Audio problems are completely fixable by us. Our success rate is above 90%. If your macbook develops any of those issues, this is the service for you.

  • No Audio
  • Low Voice
  • Distortion at low volumes
  • Rattling Sound

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Professional MacBook Speaker Replacement Services

A1708 Speakers

Price List for MacBook Internal Speakers in Nehru Place

Model Price
✅ A1278 MacBook Pro Mid 2012 ₹1800/-
✅ A1425 ₹3,500/-
✅ A1502 MacBook Pro 2013, 2014, 2015 ₹3,500/-
✅ A1398 MacBook Pro 2012 2013 2014 2015 ₹4,500/-
✅ A1466 MacBook Air ₹3,500/-
✅ A1708 MacBook Pro 2016 2017 ₹4,500/-
✅ A1706 MacBook Pro 13inch ₹4,500/-
✅ A1707 15inch MacBook Pro ₹5,500/-
✅ A2159 MacBook Pro 13" ₹5,500/-
✅ A1990 MacBook Pro 15" ₹5,500/-
✅ A1932 MacBook Air 2018 ₹5,500/-
✅ A2179 2020 MacBook Air ₹5,500/-
✅ A2337 M1 MacBook Air ₹6,500/-

Customer Reviews on MacBook Speaker Replacement

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Best place to get macbook repaired. Staff is friendly and helpful. Got my display replaced here.
I checked a few places in Nehru Place. First I tried a shop where they were putting chinese panels in which my keyboard backlight was not working and they said it was not working from before. I told them to put my panel back. Then I came here and they gave me all the options available. I got what I wanted.

Jayant Siwatch

16 May 2022

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I came from Gurgaon to MakCity for MacBook Air repair. One of the left arrow was missing, tried so many repairing centers in Gurgaon & Nehru place but all were saying to replace the keyboard which was costing 10k +. MakCity solved my problem immediately with full trust in few mins and I am really happy. This is the honest review 😀

Rahul Goyal

A Year ago

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Testimonial Image
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Got my keyboard fixed in 4 hours for my butterfly keyboard issue. Apple service centre quoted 5 times the amount, and 3 days to fix it (that too with a lot of conditions). Nidhi ma’am (and MakCity team) provided the best and most prompt customer satisfaction I’ve seen in Nehru Place.

Nitesh Oswal

A Year ago

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the service was very quick and the staff is very responsive. Instead of replacing my entire keyboard, they replaced just the faulty key and the pricing is also very economical.

Janani Jayaprakash

Feb 2 , 2023

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Great Experience for the servicing of my MacBook pro, spilled coffee all over my MacBook, got the keyboard replaced and my whole mac cleaned and repaired within minimal costing and genuine parts. Highly Recommended for MacBook Servicing before consulting apple services.

Anant Kumar Singh

4 Months ago

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I replaced my MacBook keyboard from here after 2 months again my keyboard stopped working but the team was helpful and told me the problem is related to trackpad this time. But they repaired it for free this time.😊

Kajal Yadav

4 Months ago

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FAQ on MacBook Speaker Replacement in Nehru Place

Why should I choose MakCity™ over other service providers in Delhi?
Trusted by over a lac Mac owners, MakCity is India’s most loved Mac service provider with over 2 lac+ mac serviced. Get the best prices on your MacBook Speaker 10% savings.
How can I book Appointment with MakCity in Delhi?
Booking your MacBook service is just a call away. You can directly contact us on 9958360093.
What if I am not satisfied with my Mac service?
100% customer satisfaction is the highest priority for us.