MacBook Liquid Damage Repair in Delhi

3 Months Warranty 

MakCity is your go-to destination for MacBook liquid damage repair in Delhi. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we have honed our skills to perfection when it comes to remedying liquid damage on MacBooks.

Whether you've experienced a spilled beverage, accidental submersion, coffee or tea mishaps, or any other water-related incident, rest assured that we possess the expertise to promptly diagnose and effectively repair the damage.

Place your trust in us to address your liquid damage concerns, and we'll have your MacBook back in optimal working condition in no time. Get in touch with us today for dependable and expert MacBook liquid damage repair services.

Fixing liquid damage on your MacBook is crucial and the longer you wait, the worse it can get. We're experts in repairing MacBook liquid damage, so it's best to trust trained professionals at MakCity for this task.

MacBook Water Damage Repair in Delhi

What is the cost of MacBook Liquid Damage Repair?

The cost for MacBook liquid damage repair can vary widely based on several factors. The extent of the damage, the specific MacBook model, the components affected, and whether the liquid damage has caused any long-term issues all contribute to the final cost.

Minor liquid spills that are caught early might result in a lower repair cost, mainly involving cleaning and potentially replacing individual components. However, if the liquid has caused significant damage to the logic board or other critical components, the repair cost can be considerably higher.

For a general idea, liquid damage repair for a MacBook can range from ₹1000 to ₹10000 or more. Keep in mind that liquid damage repair costs can be unpredictable due to the variety of potential issues that might arise.

Do’s And Don’ts When A Liquid Damage Has Occurre

  • Trying to turn on the power can cause more excessive damage. Often the Mac might tend to power on but due to the left out liquid in the board it might tend to fail.
  • Try and dry up the visible liquid and never try to power on the MacBook! The logic board tends to fail when even a small amount of corrosion is left without taking care of.
  • Do not try to dry your MacBook by placing it in a rice bag. That would be a terrible idea, as the internal parts will get damaged due to various types of elements in the rice bag.
  • The liquid might get dried up with the help of dryers but the corrosion will still be there and the logic board will get damaged.
  • You should be well aware that when the MacBook has liquid damage the manufacturer’s warranty is turned void. They will repair the damage, but it will likely cost almost as much as a new machine.

Impact of MacBook Liquid Damage on Internal Components

Damages In A MacBook Due To The Liquid Spill
The liquid will probably make its way to the logic board and other components inside when there is a MacBook Pro Liquid Damage has happened. The components tend to deplete away due to the liquids minerals and salts. When there is a power source available like battery, the electric current will come in contact with the liquid and accelerate the corrosion process. This will lead in traveling of the copper and other materials throughout the board. You will end up with huge weight, if this is not stopped.

Guidelines for Handling Liquid Damage: What to Do and Avoid

  • Don't Attempt to Power On: Avoid the temptation to power on your MacBook immediately after a liquid spill. Doing so might worsen the damage. Although the laptop might show signs of life, residual liquid on the internal components can lead to failure.
  • Address Visible Liquid: Gently dry up any visible liquid from the laptop's exterior, but refrain from powering it on. Corrosion can occur even with a small amount of leftover liquid, potentially causing severe issues.
  • Avoid Rice Bags: Contrary to popular belief, placing your MacBook in a bag of rice is not recommended. The diverse elements in the rice can harm the internal parts, exacerbating the damage.
  • Beware of Corrosion: Even if the liquid appears to have dried, corrosion can persist. Using dryers might help evaporate the liquid, but the corrosive effects may remain, leading to logic board damage.
  • Warranty Implications: Keep in mind that liquid damage voids the manufacturer's warranty. While they can repair the damage, the cost could approach that of a new machine.

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Service Cost Details

✅ Service Location Nehru Place
✅ Warranty upto 3-Months
✅ Turnaround Time 2-3 Hours
✅ Applicable Models All Models of MacBook Pro and Air
✅ Cost ₹1000/-* onwards
✅ Success Rate 80%

Turnaround Time – We provide same day liquid damage repair services at our Nehru Place Service Centre.

* Above prices do not include GST

Services Comparison in Delhi for Mac Liquid Damage

Authorised Center

  • Pick and Drop
  • Expert Engineers
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reputation & Trust
  • Same Day Service
  • Affordable
  • Free Diagnosis

Local Repair Shop

  • Pick and Drop
  • Expert Engineers
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reputation & Trust
  • Same Day Service
  • Affordable
  • Free Diagnosis


  • Paid Pick and Drop
  • Expert Engineers
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reputation & Trust
  • Same Day Service
  • Affordable
  • Free Diagnosis

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Professional MacBook Water Damage Repair Service in Delhi

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair in Delhi

Why MakCity is the Best Choice for MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Services in Delhi?

Experiencing liquid damage to your MacBook can be a distressing ordeal. Whether it's a spilled beverage or an unexpected encounter with rain, liquid damage can lead to a host of issues that compromise your device's functionality. In such trying times, the importance of choosing the right repair service cannot be overstated. This is where MakCity emerges as the optimal choice for MacBook liquid damage repair in NCR.

Expertise and Specialization

MakCity boasts a team of highly skilled technicians who specialize in MacBook repairs, including intricate liquid damage cases. With years of experience under their belts, our experts have honed their skills to diagnose and address the complexities that liquid damage presents. Their proficiency extends beyond superficial drying; they possess an in-depth understanding of the internal components and the potential long-term implications of liquid exposure.

Advanced Diagnostic Techniques

MakCity employs cutting-edge diagnostic tools to meticulously assess the extent of the liquid damage. This enables us to identify not only the visible effects but also the hidden corrosion that can linger within the device. By utilizing advanced techniques, MakCity ensures a thorough evaluation, which is crucial in devising a comprehensive and effective repair strategy.

Precise Component-Level Repairs

Liquid damage repair involves more than just drying out the laptop. It often requires component-level repairs to rectify the intricate circuitry affected by corrosion. MakCity's technicians excel in these delicate repairs, replacing damaged components and cleaning affected areas to mitigate any potential long-term repercussions. This level of precision is essential to restore your MacBook to its optimal performance.

Genuine Replacement Parts

When components need to be replaced due to liquid damage, MakCity exclusively uses genuine replacement parts. These authentic parts not only ensure compatibility but also guarantee the longevity of your repaired MacBook. Using counterfeit or subpar parts might offer a temporary fix but can lead to recurring issues down the line. With MakCity, your repaired MacBook remains reliable and consistent.

Comprehensive Solutions

MakCity understands that liquid damage can result in a range of problems, from malfunctioning keyboards and trackpads to impaired logic boards. Our comprehensive approach addresses all these issues in one go. This not only saves you time and effort but also reduces the inconvenience of multiple visits to repair centers.

Timely Turnaround

At MakCity, efficiency is a priority. We recognize that your MacBook is an essential tool, and being without it can disrupt your personal and professional life. With our streamlined repair processes and commitment to timely service, MakCity endeavors to get your repaired MacBook back to you as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime.

Transparent Communication

Transparency is at the core of MakCity's customer interactions. We provide detailed explanations of the repair process, the extent of the damage, and the associated costs. This open communication ensures that you're well-informed throughout the repair journey, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While MacBook liquid damage repair can be complex, MakCity aims to provide cost-effective solutions. We understand that repair costs shouldn't break the bank, and our pricing reflects this commitment. By offering quality repairs at competitive prices, MakCity ensures that your investment is both reasonable and valuable.

Customer-Centric Approach

MakCity places customers at the forefront of their service philosophy. Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to address inquiries, provide updates, and offer assistance. This customer-centric approach is a testament to our commitment to delivering an exceptional repair experience.

Reputation and Trust

MakCity has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable repair service provider. With positive customer testimonials and a track record of successful liquid damage repairs, we have solidified their position as a go-to choice for MacBook users seeking restoration after liquid accidents.

How MakCity Works

Visit Our Repair Store – MakCity® premium lab is located at Nehru Place Delhi. Come with your faulty device within office hours from Monday-Saturday (10:30 AM to 7 PM)
Register your device with us – We register your Mac whose internal parts are signed by you and collect your device from you.
Get assigned an Expert – your Apple Laptop will assigned an expert who will enquire about your issue you are facing and then they get to work to fix while you are waiting.
Walk-out with your fixed Mac – Generally Diagnosing & fixing your device takes 2-5 hours according to the complication and handover to you same day.

Contact MakCity – Give a call or request call back or massage on WhatsApp and describe the problem you are having with your MacBook.
Schedule a Doorstep Pickup – MakCity will send a technician to collect the device from you.
Rest stress free while we fix your device – Once get approval from you we expert fix your Mac within same day.
Track your MacBook Status Real-Time – You can check your device repair status online once your device is registered with us.
Get your fixed Mac back to you – Your precious device will get delivered at your home once it get repaired by our professionals.

Reviews on MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Service

Testimonial Image
Left Quote

Best price and best service , Very reliable and trustworthy work. My laptop was dead because of liquid damage and it was the only place I visited and got a reasonable price for the repair.My laptop is working just as the way it was before and writing a review from that only. Thanks a lot to each one of them.

Shresth Suneja

3 years ago

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My Macbook Air had liquid damage and I was told by the people at I world that the repair would cost Rs. 51,000. However, after a friend suggested Macbook Repair Experts the cost of the repair came down. The lady at the counter is extremely amiable and the staff were helpful and courteous. So far my Macbook has been functioning smoothly and I am happy with the service offered by MakCity.

Saket Arya

4 year ago

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Experts in repair of all types of MacBook. Got my Macbook air logic board and battery changed in a swift. Genuine spares also available.
The staff is cordial and genuine. Offered lunch while the repairs were done. No bargain shop

Dr. Gaurav Kamboj

a year ago

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I immediately didn't review initially because I wanted to test my Mac and their services first after and after 3 weeks I can honestly say, hands down the best (from my personal experience). The service was prompt, delivered exactly on the time they said the would..
They did my battery replacement for Retina 15" Early 2013 and it's working like fresh out of the box machine...

Bungcha Thokchom

25 Dec 2021

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I never write reviews but I feel compelled to given the brilliant service I was given by MakCity. Gave my ancient MacBook 17" Pro in for repairs. Not hopeful as screen not working intermittently and had liquid spilt on it. I didn't hold out much hope but they rescued it and replaced the battery as well. The service was excellent throughout kept me informed of progress and cost and timing. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone with a 'sick' computer.

Tushar Prakash

3 Sept 2020

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My 15” mid 2009 MacBook Pro had the same battery since it was made and would only last for 20 minutes if it wasn’t charging. I took it to MacBook Repair Experts to have a battery replacement and their service was quick, reasonably priced, and very professional. My Mac is like new. Highly recommend this place for any service needed on MacBooks.Not only was the service excellent, but the prices were fair, which was a relief given the high cost of Apple repairs. When I received my device back, it was in excellent condition and working perfectly.
Overall, I recommend Makcity for any macbook repairs you may need. Thank you for the great service and for saving my data.

Tim Mulé

5 years ago

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MacBook Water Damage Repair Queries

What types of MacBook repairs does MakCity offer in Delhi?
MakCity specializes in a wide range of MacBook repairs, including screen replacements, keyboard repairs, logic board diagnostics, battery replacements, and more.
Can MakCity handle liquid damage repairs for MacBooks?
Yes, we have expertise in repairing liquid-damaged MacBooks. Our technicians are equipped to diagnose and restore functionality even in such cases.
Will my data be safe during the repair process at MakCity?
We take data privacy seriously. While it's always recommended to back up your data before repair, we handle your device and data with care and confidentiality.