MakCity® provide the best good quality MacBook replacement batteries. Apple Battery Replacement are done by our highly skilled technicians with perfection. Our experts are well trained and experienced in diagnosing and repairing MacBook charging problems for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Models.

MacBook Services Offered in Delhi

Latest MacBook Pro Battery Price List in Delhi

MacBook Pro Model Battery Replacement Cost
✅ Macbook Pro A2289 13-inch ₹8,500
✅ Macbook Pro A2338 13-inch ₹9,500
✅ Macbook Pro A1706 Retina 13” ₹9,000
✅ MacBook Pro A1707 15-inch ₹9,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1398 15" 2012 2013 ₹5,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1398 15" Mid 2014 ₹8,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1398 15" 2015 ₹8,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1425 13" Early 2013 ₹5,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1502 13" Mid 2014 ₹5,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1502 13" 2015 ₹5,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1286 15" Late 2011 ₹3,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1278 13" 2010 ₹3,500
✅ MacBook Pro A1708 15-inch ₹5,500
✅ Macbook Pro A1989 13-inch ₹8,500
✅ Macbook Pro A2159 13-inch ₹8,500
*Prices are exclusive of taxes

MacBook Air Battery Replacement Cost​ in Delhi

MacBook Air Model Battery Replacement Cost
✅ MacBook Air A1369 13" Late 2010 ₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1369 13" 2011 ₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1932 13-inch, 2018 ₹8,500
✅ MacBook Air A1465 11" 2013-2014 ₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2015 ₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2017 ₹4,500
✅ MacBook Air A1466 13" 2013 - 2014 ₹4,500
✅ Macbook Air A2337 M1 13-inch ₹8,500
*Prices are exclusive of taxes
Why should you replace your MacBook Battery?
  • Your Mac Battery is not giving backup same as before.
  • Battery is dead.
  • Your Apple Laptop doesn’t boot.
  • Battery needs reconditioning.

Why our happy customers choose MakCity® for Mac Battery Replacement?

  • Qualified specialists to replace MacBook Battery.
  • Work dine within a day usually within few hours.
  • Free diagnosis by our experts for core issue without spending anything.
  • We use only OEM-quality compatible batteries.
  • We also provide used original batteries on special price.
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How MakCity® works?

Common Questions about MacBook Battery in Delhi

MakCity® is the most trusted and loved repair service provider, with over 45,000+ devices fixed. Get the best prices on your MacBook repair service with upto 70% savings. Visit MakCity and avail FREE diagnosis in Delhi.

To book your macbook service just get in touch with us via Call or WhatsApp on +91 7838096219 or fill out our contact form and share your location.You have just booked your service with MakCity®.

You can use various Mac repair services of MakCity®. Need screen replacement? We offer cheapest price for screen and glass replacement. Want an SSD upgrade? We have the service for you. Need a logic board or power supply repair? Visit our centre to get same day service.

For some models battery or charger related issues can be solved on site. 

No we are not. Apple does not certify any third party service provider.

For further information, you can check about our detailed coverage of service and repair. Out-of-warranty MacBooks aren’t an issue for us. Our main concern is your happiness, which is why we’re one of the most trusted MacBook Repair Company in Delhi. Protection Status