Ways to Correct the Slowing Down of MacBook

Slowing down of MacBook can be of huge trouble and disappointment. As waiting for the windows to open and the constant processing sign seems to annoy you, if you are in a hurry to complete a particular project or assignment.

Gradually, with time your MacBook can show the signs of slowing down due to various reasons. Thus get to know about the ways to correct the slowing down of MacBook. And have some random solutions to speed up the MacBook.

Hardware Failure: This can be one of the obvious reasons of MacBook slowing down. As the hardware failure or disruption in any components of MacBook can lead to slow processing.

Software Issues: You might be having malfunctioning default in the software or the older version of software. Thus the best way to sort the hurdle is to update the software. Additionally, the check the RAM or graphics card to cope up with the latest software.

View Activity Monitor: You must check the activity monitor to see if any particular app is causing the problem or not and if yes then you must uninstall that particular app to improve the speed of MacBook. And in such instances you must choose to have an alternate apps that occupy a minimal space to your MacBook.

Clear Storage Space: You need to free the startup disk for the smooth functioning of the MacBook. Where either remove the files and store it in the external storage device or optimize the storage by having the files on the cloud.

And if your requirements for storage are more than the expected limit set by the MacBook, then seek for the Memory Upgrade Instruction help in MacBook to resolve the problem of storage of files. Additionally, clear off the space by removing the trash and unused apps as they occupy a huge space.

Reboot: Sometimes simply closing down of several apps and windows can resolve the issues of slowing down of MacBook. But even if this simple formula doesn’t seem to be of help, then go for system Reboot.

Switch Browser: Your browser can be one of the reason of MacBook’s slow down. And in that case, you can switch from the Google Chrome to Firefox.

Desktop Icons: If you have a messy desktop with too many icons in it, then it’s high time and you should try to declutter it. As too many icons on slows down your Mac. Thus the best way to reduce the problem is by having the folders for the several icons.

Manage Photo Library: Having excessive photos in the MacBook’s library automatically slows down the processing. With piling up of photos, the memory space gets filled. And the best way to resolve this issue is by restoring the images in the Google driver or Drop Box.

Sticky Keyboard: Often the keyboard’s key get stuck, thus the best way to get rid of this problem is by restarting the computer and thereafter pressing the shift key to enhance the speed of MacBook.

Update the System: When you choose not to go with the update feature as we usually avoid to go for any update, it eventually slows down the MacBook. Thus the better way to correct this issues is by going to the app store and check for the updates if any.

Restart the MacBook: Try to restart the MacBook to rectify the problem. And if the restart process takes a longer time from the usual time then disconnect with the attached hard devices, keyboard and mouse to resolve the problem.

Install App: You can install the desk utility app, to see what’s causing the problem. As the app helps in erasing, formatting and partition drives in the MacBook. Further, you can also install the apple diagnostics app to verify if the problem is caused by the hardware?

For instance it can reflect that if there is a problem in the fan of MacBook. Or if the problem is with the RAM, any potential issues can get resolved by having this particular app as it can tell if the problem is caused by any particular hardware.


Preventive measure to avoid the troubles of MacBook is to have a backup data because you don’t wish to lose your credible data in the process of correcting the issues of slowing down of MacBook.

Going through the article, you can find out there are ways to manage the problem of slowing down of MacBook. Thus correct the slowing down of MacBook and have a seamlessly smooth time operating on the system without any hassles.

And even after constant trials and error, the slowing down problem doesn’t get resolved. Then you must meet the authorized Apple Service Center as the expert and professional assistance can save your time and wasted efforts.

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