How to convince your parents to buy you Macbook pro and air

Apple, one of the most popular and expensive brands in the technology world. Almost, All of us have a dream to use the Apple product whether its an Apple MacBook or Apple Smart Watch etc. If you are a businessman or employee, then you have to earn $$$$$ to buy a MacBook else if you are a student then you have to convince your mother & dad to buy you a new Apple MacBook. But these tasks are not much more straightforward.

Basically, In this post, we are mainly focused on the 2nd one i.e. How to convince your parents to buy you an Apple Macbook.

Everyone loves to use the apple product just because of its impressive design and specification. Ya..! I know you have to burn your pocket to purchase an any Apple product. The case is different when it comes to MacBook. Don’t know about you! But I am still struggling for a new MacBook.

A convincing parent may be the most straightforward task, or it may be the hardest! Its all depend upon the type of Parent you have. There are various other factors. Among all, Money plays an important role.

I mean to say that if you belong to a wealthy class family, then this convincing or manipulating your parents to purchase you a new Mac is a little bit easier task. But if you belong to a middle-class family, then you have to face problems during this process.

I enjoyed while writing this post as I have also convinced my parents to buy me a new mac but the results will amaze you. Finally, in the end, Its all end up with an HP Laptop. But within a few months, My dream to use Apple Mac is fulfilled, and the funny part is that I am writing this article on my MacBook Pro.

Eager to know about it! Keep reading this post 🙂

Let’s get to the point!

How to convince your family to buy you an Apple Macbook

Here are the few tactics which I used to apply when I am trying to convince my parents for a New MacBook. The best part is that these tactics work perfectly for me, Hope the same for my lovely readers. These words work smoothly for both Indian and foreign parents. Check out the great idea which helps you in achieving your goals.

#1. Excell in your studies

This is one of the easiest tasks which allows you to get your first new Mac. All you have to do is to study hard and grab kind remarks. If you are successful in getting good grades, then your parent will automatically ask you for the present. Then you can share your MacBook dream with them. If money is not concerned, then these tricks work sleekly.


#2 Wait for your birthday

Start sharing your Mac purchasing ideas with your close relatives during your birthday month. There are 100% chances of getting Mac on your birthday via your relatives.

You can apply the same formula to your parents. Chances are there too. Lets us know among these two which method works perfectly for you.


#3 Start blaming your windows/Linux/ubuntu laptop

Start sharing the limitations and problems of your windows laptop ( if you are using any ). Run 50+ Application at a time in your notebook, This makes your computer in a hang state. Now show the same to your parent and tell them to its a time to buy a new lappy of the premium brand.


#4 Show love for Apple Products

Start sharing your views about the advantage of having a MacBook. This will also help you in convincing your parents.


#5 Never force your parents for anything

If your parent does not get assured in one, go then never force your parents for the same. It is better to remain silent in that case.


#6 Don’t indulge more in Electronic Devices

Use the Electronic gadgets like Laptop or PSP in a limit as your parents will think that you are wasting your precious time in these kinds of stuff.


#7 Wait for Festivals

Request your parent for the MacBook on popular festivals as during these days parents are in a good mood.


#8 Keep patience

LOL…Patience is the key to the Mac. Hehe…Be patient if you are demanding anything from anyone.


#9 Show good manners while talking to your parent

Always be obedient to your parent then only you can convince your parents.


#10 Convince your Grand Parents

This is the easiest way in which you can grab a MacBook deal. Your grandparents love you the most, and they help you in chasing your dreams.


Final Words

That’s all for this post on How do I convince my parents to get you a new Apple Macbook. If you are looking for more parts for Macbook then you can assist our expert engineer at, Hope these tactics will work for you. If you want to add any tricks to manipulate or convincing parents, then please leave it in the comment section, we will add it to the post.

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