how do i connect external hard disk with macbook

Connecting an external hard drive with the MacBook Pro?

By the heading, you guys think it’s a pretty easier task! All you need is a Data Cable to do the same. Merely insert the one end of the Data Cable to the Hard Disk and the other end to the MacBook Pro external port.

It’s not that simple guys! That’s why we are posting a short and perfect guide on our blog about How to connect external hard disk drive with MacBook Pro.

Before proceeding further, Let me share the problem we faced while connecting the Hard Disk!

The main problem with Mac Operating System ( MAC OS X) is that at the time of external hard drive connection it is only in “Read Only” mode that means it is only able to read the Data. Most of the external Hard Drive is loaded in the NTFS format that’s why Mac OS just have access to read the Data. It is not set to perform the write operation on the hard drive.

So to perform both Read & Write operations on Hard Drive, You need to install a third party application. Or follow the below-mentioned guide for the quick solution & You are done xD.

My MacBook story…

A few days ago, Somehow I managed to buy a Hard Disk for my Mac. But when I tried to connect the hard disk to my mac, it is not working well. Negative thoughts start hitting my mind like My hard drive is corrupt or There is some issue in my MacBook. After a few minutes of moving here and there, I started disturbing the Google for the solution.

The worst part is that I did not find a single detailed guide on the web for my issue. Then I call one of my mac experts friends. Finally, I got to know the solution of resolving the issue of hard disk connectivity.

Therefore, I decided to share the same guide with all of our lovely readers on my blog. So without wasting much of time, let’s get back to the point!

Is external hard drive not showing up mac? [ SOLVED ]

  • First of all, Connect your New Hard Disk to your MacBook Pro
  • Next press the Shift + Command + U from your keyboard
  • Now Hit the Disk Utility option there
  • Choose your Hard Disk from the disk utility
  • Select the Erase tab on the right corner of the Mac Screen
  • Next, choose the volume format you are looking for
  • For Mac OS: Select the Mac OS Extended [ Journaled ]
  • For PCs Only: Select the MS-DOS(FAT) option
  • Now your Hard Drive will be formatted to FAT32 Version
  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, You will see the Erase Button
  • Hit the Erase button
  • That’s all! Your hard disk is ready to connect with MacBook
  • Now your Mac will both Read & Write data from your Hard Drive

Final Words

Finally, we came to an end to this guide on How to connect the external hard drive to MacBook Pro. Hope you guys like this post. Still confused! If you have any doubt regarding this post, then please shot your queries in the comment box. We will reply to you soon.

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