When it comes to taking care of your gizmos, regular cleaning is the first & foremost thing. Whether you own a laptop or equipment as simple as a mobile phone, cleaning them is important. It not only enhances their life but improves their functioning. So, if you are a MacBook Pro user, maintaining keyboard cleanliness becomes mandatory.


Why Should You Clean Your MacBook Pro Keyboard?


Steps to Clean MacBook Pro Keyboard

Cleaning a MacBook Pro Laptop is very easy and involves a quick procedure. However, one should always make sure that the laptop is disconnected from the power source. To make things simpler, here’s a list of steps to be followed to clean your keyboard.


Step 1: Switch off your MacBook Pro & unplug it from the main power source

This is the most important step while cleaning your MacBook Pro keyboard as you certainly don’t want to hurt yourself or disorganize your work & folders saved on your computer. Hence, turning off the MacBook Pro is the first step in the process.


Step 2: Decide between cleaning often & Deep Cleaning

Before you proceed to any other step, give it a thought whether your keyboard has often been cleaned or does it really need deep cleaning. If you’ve been taking out time to remove the dust from your keyboard, it mustn’t be too dirty. However, if you can feel the stickiness on the keys and is having a hard time tapping them, your MacBook Pro keyboard certainly needs deep cleaning.


Step 3: Turnover the laptop & tap it to shake off the dust

This is the simplest method to ward off all the dust. Open your laptop, turn it upside down and tap all the keys repeatedly to remove all the dust. Do this twice or thrice a week to dislodge any material struck between your keys.


Step 4: Use Vacuum or Spraying Kits

With technological advancements, there are end numbers of cleaning kits and equipment in the market that can do wonders when it comes to cleaning MacBook Pro keyboards. One method that has exhibited great results is the use of vacuum or compressed air. Keep your MacBook Pro at a 75-degree angle and spray compressed air from one direction to the other, preferably from left to right, moving in the downward direction. While doing this, make sure

  1. To hold the MacBook Pro firmly at an angle to avoid breakage.
  2. Keep the spray can at a reasonable distance.
  3. To check the laptop model before using any cleaning kits or sprays.


Step 4: Repeat the process on the other sides

Don’t forget to maintain a distance while spraying compressed air. Approximately half an inch distance from the keyboard is enough to perform the function. Keeping the spray closer can damage the keys as the pressure is high.


Step 5: Disinfecting the keyboard surface

Use a soft microfiber to gently clean the keyboard. Strictly avoid any kind of tissue paper or abrasive cloth material that can damage the MacBook Pro keyboard. Disinfectant wipes are a good option to thoroughly clean the keys. Follow Apple’s recommendation to select the perfect disinfectant wipe. Also, if you don’t want to use wipes, you can make your cleaning solution at home using water and alcohol.


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